Q: What do you do for the treatment of termites?
A : Millette Pest Control will perform a complete inspection of the structure to determine the extent of the termite activity. We then put together a treatment plan to treat the structure taking in to account the structure type and termite infestation. We utilize many methods from Liquid applications, Termite Bait stations, Foaming wall voids and Boracare applications. Some treatments require one method others require a combination of treatment methods.

Q: What do you do for carpenter ants?
A: Millette Pest Control inspects the structure to determine where any activity is heavy or if there may be satellite ant nests. We then perform a treatment to the exterior and interior of the home with liquids, bait gels and other products if needed.

Q Will I need to leave my house when it’s being serviced?
A: Depending on the service that is being done, you may need to leave the structure. For example if you are having a flea or bed bug service then yes you would need to leave as well as any pets that you have for 4-6 hours or until product is dry. A mouse service would not require you to leave the structure. We will guide you on your particular service and if you need to leave for a period of time for the treatment.

Q: Will the treatment hurt my pets?
A: We will guide you as to what preparations you need to make for your pets while the treatment is being done.
Most treatments we ask to keep the pets away from the treated areas for 2 hours per label directions as a precaution some treatments do not require the pets to be out of the area.

Q: Will the treatment bother my asthma?
A: When you make us aware of your asthma we can adjust the treatment method and products so you do not need to worry. We have many bait formulations that are great for controlling the pest and good for the person with the asthma.

Q: Do I have to stay on a program or will one service solve our problem?
A: We provide one time services and maintenance programs. It is your property we can only advise you from our experience, the inspection, and your needs what might be best.
Those who have maintenance programs really enjoy the results of the service as well as the service we provide when they have a need. (It fits in the budget as well)!

Q: Do I need to prep for the service
A: Some services require no Preparation from the owner other than access. Other Services require more preparation such as Bed Bug service and Flea treatments. Our Customer Service Rep will Guide you with A Preparation List for your Service or the Company Rep who inspects your structure.

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